PlayStation app update adds mobile livestream viewing

PlayStation app update adds mobile livestream viewing

Watch livestreams of gamers gaming at home while not at home

Sony's updated its mobile PlayStation app for Android and iOS with a new feature to watch livestreams from PS4 gamers while on the go.

The new addition comes labeled as the "Live from PlayStation" section, letting users browse game streams from their devices. Actually watching livestreams, however, will kick the video over to open in separate applications.

Specifically Ustream feeds open in the service's own application, while streams play through a mobile device browser.

Just below the video window there's also now added support video playback from PS Store notifications in the What's New pane. This list will propagate with live game sessions from friends to get to watching their streams faster.

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Sony, PlayStation, PS4, PlayStation Apps, Apps, NewstrackAlong with the new live video support, the app fixes a niggling issue of waking up the main system every time users wanted to do something. Now the app allows mobile devices to queue up downloads or accept friend requests.

The PlayStation app was a new addition for Sony with this new line of consoles. With the new update, the PlayStation app is starting to catch up fast with the SmartGlass app Microsoft introduced during the Xbox 360 days.

The update is rolling to wide variety of devices around the world right now for both Android and iOS platforms.

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