PayPal and Samsung partnership lets customers shop with a finger tap

PayPal and Samsung partnership lets customers shop with a finger tap

Shop with a swipe

Paypal and Samsung have announced a deal that will let shoppers buy goods in stores using the Galaxy S5's biometric fingerprint scanner.

The new biometric feature means that Galaxy S5 owners will no longer have to memorise passwords or login details. It will work in stores that use PayPal's mobile payment system.

According to Samsung, using fingerprint authentication instead of traditional methods will make for a safer and more seamless mobile shopping experience.

PayPal is the first global payment company to support Samsung's biometrics technology and aims to provide a secure wallet in the cloud for users in brick-and-mortar stores to access.

Security and convenience

The only user information that would be shared between the phone and PayPal would be an encrypted key used to identify the customer's fingerprint, the online merchant says.

Samsung's big rival Apple debuted fingerprint technology on its iPhone 5S in September last year, and the HTC One Max and certain Motorola phones also have their own renditions of the technology.

While Samsung has beaten its rivals to the punch in releasing retail payments, Apple's version of the tech can't be too far behind.

Source : techradar[dot]com

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