The shows must go on: why we need a buoyant MWC

The shows must go on: why we need a buoyant MWC

Unpacked5 back in Barcelona

From never-ending orchestras to tapas, from giant stands to guerrilla pitches, Mobile World Congress is certainly a spectacle, and with the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony's Xperia Z2 it can certainly lay claim to being one of technology's most relevant shows.

Apple's decision to make announcements far from the madding crowd, eschewing shows for tightly controlled events with no chance of noise from anywhere else disrupting their polished showcase, has sparked many copycats.

2013 saw Microsoft launch the Xbox One at a solo event, as did Sony with the PlayStation 4. Samsung's Galaxy S4 was given (controversially) dancing girls and jazz hands and Apple's iEvents were present and accounted for. Even HTC got in on the act with the One.

MWC - in the Barcelona sunshine
MWC - in the Barcelona sunshine

This year has seen something of a shift - with Samsung bringing its Unpacked event back, if not into the physical halls of MWC, then at least within the Barcelona city limits.

The more cynical may suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S5 and its back-to-basics innovations sat easier in among its appears rather than standing alone to be shot at but that shouldn't take away from the show.

It's showtime

From a journalist's point of view the status of the big shows versus smaller events for big products remains a big discussion point.

In truth, feeding on the hype of those individual events brings big advantages; allowing us to focus on a single brand's wares and that focus allows excitement to build in a way that a big show simply does not allow.

But the shows ARE important as well, allowing us to see the innovations from the chasing pack and giving the smaller names a chance to shine and for them to flourish the need for the big boys to save some of their announcements for these mass-events is paramount.

MWC - bustling and interesting
MWC - bustling and interesting

The sheer scale of Mobile World Congress allows for a fantastic view of the state of affairs in the world of phones - a snapshot of what's roasting hot and what's indisputably not.

Samsung may well feel that, should the S6 be a little more innovative, that Unpacked should be pulled back out of its MWC wrapper in 2015. But the presence of a big, big flagship phone from Samsung has enlivened MWC, especially in harness with Sony's impressive looking Z2 and the talk-of-the-town Nokia X.

A taxi driver on the way to the Congress suggested that he'd been told the show brings in €350 million to this beautiful Catalan city, and although it's not always wise to listen to cabbie facts, it's clear that a show of this magnitude in Europe brings a good deal to the technology world.

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